Balancing Relationships with your Chronic Illness Health

It’s an Avalanche!

… of resumes!

paper-pileOver the last few days, I have applied to every job I could find on Monster, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired, Indeed, and my law school’s career website. I’ve reached out to the professional contacts I made during my time at my last firm and asked for referrals. Is this what online dating feels like?

I’ve considered doing a “Legally Blonde”-esque resume video to send to potential employees, as I do not believe resumes capture any idea of how a potential lawyer can litigate or interact with clients/opposing counsel/etc. I should do a few more situps before I do the swimsuit portion, though.

For now, I’m finding contentment sitting here watching Lifetime movies, eating ice cream and keeping the tissues nearby for when someone makes the mistake of bringing up my current situation. Seriously, I still do not understand why it happened or how it could happen without me even suspecting it. I was pretty freaking awesome at my job. People liked me! – well I guess the bosses didn’t.

It’s only been a few days and I’m trying desperately not to feel hopeless. I do have an interview for a temporary position. It is not in the ideal location and if I have to sign a term contract, I may have to turn it down (as terrifying as that may sound at this moment when the thought of any job offer seems tempting). Yet, taking a temporary job at the risk of losing out on a permanent job is not something I can risk, especially if the locale is not right. I’m trusting in God that this will all work out and putting all my coins into my health and fitness online coaching for the time being. With a little faith and a whole lot of resumes, this will all work out. Heck, God is probably laughing at me right now for even doubting His plan for a moment. He has it all figured out!

At least I’m providing Him with some lovely entertainment in the meantime, right?


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