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Some Light is Starting to Shine

sunshinethThe only thing I dread more than going to the dentist for a root canal is going to job interviews. While the outcome of the interview is typically less painful, I don’t have any fun laughing gas to look forward to and I know that I’m going to be asked some really awkward questions. I swear, I have not had any work done – just a little botox. Today’s interview caught me off-guard since I was called on Sunday for this afternoon, yet I’m not going to complain! The interview went well and enjoyed the office’s environment. There’s no way to know what will happen until the phone rings again, though. God has a plan, just wish He’s let me know what it was.

Part of me wants to say I’m completely over what happened a mere six days ago, because I do know that it was for the best. I know that I am going to go on to work at a better place, do amazing things, live a better balanced life, and be happier. Nonetheless, I am still so freaking pissed. How would you not be?

One day, I’ll look back and this will be a laughable moment and I can laugh at how much I let such a small firm get under my skin. One day I will buy and sell that firm ten times over.

One day.


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