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Back from the Ashes.

As much as I wanted to find a new job, I was not expecting it to happen so soon. Within six days of losing my job, I had another interview. Two days after, I received an offer. Luckily, I was able to delay my start date by one week in order to get my life in order a little bit.

I took the time to drive up to the Great North and visit family, move some of my belongings from my apartment, and mentally prepare for the switch.

I have now completed one week of the new job and so far, I am in love. Yes, I recall saying the same things about the other job during the first week so I am guarding myself. Nonetheless, I am working in an area of law I enjoy, the work is more manageable, and there is help available. The fact that I can come home at decent hours, an not get yelled at for not pulling my weight, is already a huge plus to this position.

Only time will tell how things pan out – for now, though, I am remaining hopeful!


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