Balancing Relationships with your Chronic Illness Career Health

Ready to Dig Deep.

Sometimes we have to take a step back in order to realize how far we have come.

Some people know from the moment they are little exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Me – well, I’ve changed what I wanted to be day to day. I’ve always had trouble sticking with anything. I love writing. I love arguing. I love learning. I love acting. I used to joke that I wanted to play a lawyer on television, and then write a novel. At the heart of everything, I wanted to be famous – for people to know my name and care about me.

I’m still working on figuring out exactly what I want out of life, and I know it’s going to take some time. All I know at this point is that I want to be married to my best friend. Aside from that, I still love writing, I still want to be known for something, I still want to be a great attorney, and I still want to keep learning. I want it all. I’m learning if I have the ability to be good at any of it. I know you cannot do everything 100% without sacrificing something. Right now, I’m focusing on my relationships, health and work. Those three alone basically encompass every aspect of life, though.

a-new-chapterHow do you know when you’ve stumbled on your dream? How do you know what your calling truly is? It would be so much easier if we just woke up one day and instantly knew exactly what we were supposed to do with the rest of our lives.

Yes, I do enjoy my current job. Yet, I know that it is not the only thing I want to do with my whole life. There is so much more I want out of my life and so much more I can acquire from my life.

This is a new chapter in my life and I am ready to take hold of the opportunity it is offering me. I am ready to start this chapter by really searching my soul to determine what I want to do with my life. Now, I understand what I want to do is going to be a fluid movement. So my goal is to make a ten year plan, broken down into 2-year segments, knowing that it is flexible.

I am excited for this journey.

I am terrified for this journey.

I am ready for this journey.


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