Balancing Relationships with your Chronic Illness Career Health


Broken. We’re all a little broken. Some on the outside – others on the inside. It’s harder to describe what the brokenness feels like or looks like when its on the inside, though. No one can see it. It’s difficult to describe. And, honestly, a lot of times, no one believes you or wants to listen to talk to you about it.

How do you handle it, though, when you’re not the only one drowning? Do you share the lifesaver? Do you take turns? Or, do you tread water while they use the lifesaver, until you can’t keep your head above water anymore?


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  1. God is the lifesaver and He certainly can handle everyone and everything He created.

    Surround yourself with positive people and seek positive encouragement.

    How much negative noise you are willing to shut off is how much Joy you will find. Abundant blessings, Emma

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