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Finding the Right One

I’m ashamed to admit it. I’ve become the type of bride I used to always make fun of while watching “Say Yes to The Dress,” yet on Saturday, I purchased dress #2.

Now, I am not wearing two dresses. I would never allow myself to spend THAT much! Nonetheless, I have spent the last two months going back and forth about whether I made a bad decision selecting the wedding dress too quickly and without having that feeling. I was having dreams about the “latte dress” that was my true first choice but I let my insecurities get in the way, and not having enough money to afford the dress I actually wanted that day.

So, on Saturday, while visiting home, I invited my mother, FMiL, and sister to go dress shopping again. We tried on the now infamous “latte dress” and I felt just as grand as I had before. I knew I wanted to get married in it.

My consultant wanted me to try on two more tester dresses, though, since the Designer rep was there and they had told her how much I loved Martina Liana.

Well, she pulled a tester that had an old Hollywood vibe like I was going for and thought it was a good contender. We knew my heart was already set; nonetheless, given what happened last time, she knew I wanted to be 100% positive.

The moment happened.

It did not happen in the showroom in front of my family, as I expected. Yet, it happened in the room the moment I saw myself in the dress. I knew this was it. It was elegant, glamorous, and made me feel… well, like a bride.

It was a hard decision letting go of the latte dress I’ve been vying for over the last few months, but when you know – you know.


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