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Paying Down to A Better Future

As I press submit on the small green button, my heart is pounding. I’m finally making a step in the right direction – a major step – to take back control of my life and move forward to the goal I set at the beginning of October.

Pay off ALL of my credit card debt by June 2016.

At the beginning of this goal, I had approximately = $10,500 owed*

As I write this, I have a remaining balance of $8,659.00 remaining and have another large payment scheduled for Monday. If this progress keeps up, I will be able to meet my goal ahead of schedule.

Next month, I will start having to pay utilities so I will have to tighten my purse strings more than I have been. I have not been perfect, I know that. I went to Starbucks way more than I should given that I have a coffee maker right in my office. I went out to eat when I should be packing my lunch every day. And, I have not been working my Beachbody business the way I should be. My clients deserve better. I deserve better. Yet, as the balance goes down, and I continually find more accounts that I can close because they’re useless… Totally had no idea I was paying for a monthly tanning membership, oops! … It’s become a fun game to me. If I keep it challenging and keep the end reward in mind, it’ll be easier to save.

The deprivation mindset I used before is what always set me up for failure. Looking at it as a fun game, a challenge, and not as a zero-tolerance rulebook, has really changed my progress.

Let’s hope I keep up the progress!


*do not ever buy two wedding dresses on Credit.


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  1. I wish you the best of luck! We are working on paying off student loan debt. We haven’t established a goal really, we will be working on that in December. I’m sure the feeling of getting those cards paid off will be astounding!

    1. Don’t get me started on student loans! Best of luck on your journey, I hope it is not too long of one 🙂 It’s amazing how expensive a good education costs. Set a reasonable goal so you are able to meet and potentially exceed it each month… Helps you feel more motivated instead of setting impractical goals that are difficult to reach and leave you feeling defeated!

  2. I think you are right it is as much about the mindset you have as the money you put away. I had to relearn how to save when I got divorced and it’s been a major learning curve but I have to say I am at a point where I feel good about what I am doing and that it has opened pathways to other new and positive ideas.
    You don’t need luck with your management plan but wishing it for you anyway. Thanks for sharing, pop along and check out some of my ideas sometime.

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