Career Health

Speak truth to Power.

Finally having a boss who is a true leader who cares about his employees is an amazing thing.

There is a difference between leader and manager/boss.

Over the last few months, I’ve come to truly learn the importance of loving who you work for and the work you do instead of just the salary you make. Your quality of life improves exponentially.

In the future, I will strive to never make the same mistake again. I gave up ten months of my life with the wrong focus, allowing myself to be miserable, overworked, and underappreciated. It is not worth giving up working towards my dreams to be undercut, and devalued. No one should every make you feel less than.

Each day I get to bring hope and encouragement to people who feel disrepected, devalued, or less than in some respect. I listen to their stories, show respect, and my goal is to bring some hope to the situation.  I leave work feeling better (most days), because we speak truth to power.

It’s a great feeling.


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