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Under the 3 month Mark

Less than three months to go.

No one warned us how tough this time would be or how high emotions would be running. The FH is studying 10plus hours a day, I’m working full-time, we’re working on building a home together, planning the wedding, figuring out how to afford the wedding on our own, and how our future financials will work; there are a lot of pressures in play.

I’m not saying we walked in completely blind – we both knew finances would be a hot button issue: I have approximately $275,000 in student loans and $10,000 in credit cards; he has no debt.  We knew we would have issues dealing with the dog hair and me cleaning as frequently as I should to combat it – I hate cleaning. My (our) dog is completely oblivious to any of this tension revolving around him and his inability to stop shedding at a rate of a million hairs a second – he just wants some to throw his rope more often.

While we have been doing pretty well planning this wedding from a distance, this last stretch has been the most emotional. I’ve started freaking out a bit about feeling overwhelmed. Why does the list keep getting longer? And, I feel like no matter what decision I end up making, someone’s feelings end up getting hurt. For the most part, the FH and I have done everything. My MOH has taken on the bridal shower and bachelorette party, which has been a HUGE help. Nonetheless, the rest has been on us, which I’m completely okay with except, I do not know who is going to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of and do not want to worry about everything that day. I will likely share “my vision” with my aunt who just finished planning an amazing wedding this past weekend, and asking her to help be my go-to person on the day of or in coordination with another family member. I simply want to know that everything I’ve set into play works out the way it should.

Have I become a control freak? Yes. Am I a bridezilla? Not yet.

I’ve been emotional with the overwhelming feeling of all the tasks to complete, and my lack of any creative bone in my body, but other than that I feel that I have been relatively timid. My goal is to make sure everything is completed in the next four weeks so that the last month, when the FH is done studying and can come back on board, we can focus on the fine details – like decorating, seating charts, and song selections… oh, and coordinating vendors!

At least he’s back in just enough time to write out the final deposit checks 😉


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  1. Haha congrats and this post made me happy I used to not believe in marriage but lately I’ve been thinking alot about it and I can’t wait to plan a wedding for myself and turn into a bridezilla 😂

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