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Under Construction: Figuring Out This Crazy Thing Called Life

under-constructionOver the next few weeks will you will notice changes to this website. I am working on revamping this site to better  fit my personality, be user-friendly and just look better.

As you may know, I married my love at the end of September and have since been re-evaluating where I want to take my life professionally in the future. We are focusing on starting our marriage off strong, starting a family in the future, and beginning both of our professional careers on the correct path. So, far, I am two years into a promising legal career and am loving my criminal defense path! But, I am realizing daily that my desire to write has been growing stronger and I cannot keep suppressing it. Whether I am writing a weekly blog or writing for a more long-term project, I have made the decision to start writing reach day because my soul is craving the outlet.  I have no idea if any one will want to read what I have to share, if I’ll have anything of interest to share, or what I will even share each week, but I know there are a lot of stories inside my soul begging to be released and I need to stop putting my passions on the back burner!

So, look forward to weekly posts about living as a young, married, christian lawyer in this crazy world, and if you keep reading, I’ll do my best to keep things interesting and 100% honest.

Let’s see where this next chapter takes us…


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