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Pause to Exhale

Today was a good day. The last few weeks have not afforded many good days so this was a pleasant treat. I was able to push through my pain to actually enjoy my husband and be present for the day we had together. It was a good day.

The husband and I woke up and went to a new church. We have been trying to find a church home and this was our first trip to a new one. We both have different needs from a church but in the end we are both simply craving scripture. So, I picked today’s church and we went. It is a newer church plant, called Kensington Church. It is held in the auditorium of a local school, but after some preliminary house-keeping, the pastor dove into SCRIPTURE! And, the scripture actually related back to real-life scenarios!

The overall “experience” was not 100% what we are seeking. We appeared to be the only ones present with our bibles out or taking notes. The congregation was not really the stand up and clap crowd, but neither is my husband, so he liked that. Me – I love me some worship music! Anyways, that kicked our day off on the right track.

joy-is-comingMy pain was present, yet starting my morning in the Word helped to refocus my attention on what truly matters. God has a plan. I do not know what it is or when it will show through – I simply have to have faith.

The husband and I then went to a local brewery/inside market called Crooked Can Brewery and got lunch. We then walked around the market a bit and enjoyed the Christmas lights going up, the energy around us, and the cool temperature that has fallen on our southern state.  I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to go home to see my family for Turkey Day! Three more days!!!

Although the pain has not gone away, I am more confident that I have started to find resources of hope. Through Nancy’s Nook and Endo Warriors, I have found Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta and will be submitting my medical records there as soon as everything is gathered. I am still researching excision surgery with my husband to ensure this would be the correct course of action for me, and will see if the doctor agrees, but after speaking with many of these women who have had similar experiences, I feel so much more confident that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

My mood may be back down tomorrow – that’s the roller coaster ride of endometriosis – but I will enjoy these moments because God has provided them.  My life is insane and crazy… and  kinda messy, but I would not have it any other way.

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  1. Happy to hear you were able to have a good day! I wish you many more, and hope you find someone to help you in dealing with your endometriosis and find what’s the best treatment plan for you. Good luck and well wishes!

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