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Moments of accomplishment

A few years ago I remember watching the longer version of this video and thinking I cannot wait to become a Public Defender. Here I am now, nearly 18 months into my career as one and I’m reigniting my passion.

The injustice I see each day is astonishing. The number of people who have given up on the system, people… Themselves… It’s heartbreaking at times.  

Yet, when I have days I like I had today when I can rest my head on my pillow knowing I fought as hard as I could. I paid every ounce of what I have on the court today (literally).

I consoled a crying wife.

I reassured an overly anxious client.

I helped a mother get another chance.

I fought for a person to be judged by who he is now, not who he was in the past.

And, hopefully, I influenced one person enough so I will not encounter him or her in orange again. 

Public defender
I’m not naive.  I understand most of the time arrested people are arrested for a reason, but I believe in God. God places people in our lives for reasons… I believe and learn from the Bible that each person is capable of change, so I am not the person to judge anyone for one, or three mistakes when I know how close I’ve been in my life to sitting where my clients sit.

If you stop and think about your daily life, most people (I find this a fair generalization, feel free to disagree) yet most people commit a crime each and every single day.

Have you logged in to your parents Netflix or Hulu today?  Felony.

Did you drive more than fifteen miles over the speed limit? Misdemeanor -reckless driving. 

How about cohabitating with a partner before marriage? Most states still have this listed as a criminal offense, although it is rarely charged.

My point being that this video shows you that there are government/court appointed attorneys who care very deeply. We do not all judge people based on the offense charged nor should you.

At the heart of it all there is a thin, ever eroding line seperating each of us from the other; we are all the same.

Now, I have to go log into my friend’s hbo go account to catch up on “Insecure”…


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