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Excision Surgery: Emotions Leading Up to the Surgery

surgery-recoveryThe final stretch before my laparoscopic surgery is upon us! There are only five (5) days between me and the operating room now and I am ready, nervous, anxious, emotional. The feelings keep changing, honestly. The comments of encouragement and prayers I have been receiving from some of you have been so much appreciated!

When this journey restarted at the beginning of November, the pain made me feel isolated and alone – at first. Yet, the more I opened up on here, and researched various support groups, the more support and connections I found. There are still moments when the isolation creeps in when I cannot go out because of the pain or go out but cannot enjoy myself. Nonetheless, the support I’ve received has been so helpful.

The worst part of this time prior to surgery is not being allowed to have Aleve, Motrin, or Tylenol, which were the only medications I have been taking over the last couple weeks to take the pain from a 8-10 down to a 6-8 pain level. Is it just me or does the pain get a million times worse in the days leading up to surgery?  My back is sore from doubling over. My right leg can barely move when my right abdominal/pelvic area is hurting so walking actually becomes difficult at times.

The recovery is what I am most nervous about as I am required to return to work within a certain period of time due to set hearings and trials. If there are complications, I of course would be able to make arrangements, but I am hoping none arise.

For now I am looking forward to a long weekend with my husband before my family arrives to help out with the recovery process. there is a lot of cleaning to get done!  Let’s hope I have enough energy to actually get things done.

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  1. I pray God’s strength and peace go with you into the theatre.
    Regarding the cleaning……….if you can avoid it then do. You want to go into surgery with as much energy as possible. Surgery itself is draining so you need to be strong rather than exhausted.
    Recovery, take it one day at a time. we all have our wishes and desires but listen to your body and make sure you are healed enough to work before you return. Health comes first!

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