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Excision Surgery: SUPREP Advice

Nearly two seconds ago I swallowed the last gulp of the most disgusting concoction that has ever existed. I am convinced that this was created for the singular purpose of torturing humans into excruciating sickness a mere hours before surgical procedures. What is this devious concoction, you dare to ask? 

SUPREP Bowel Kit (aka death-to-your-colon in a cup)


Since I have completed this prep – the drinking part, at least – I am now qualified as an expert in the topic (by today’s standards, at least), so let me tell you what I have learned.

How to Prepare.

Prepare your mind. This is my second bowel prep in about two months. The first was done using Miralax and Ducalax tablets, equally crappy. Oh, look, I made a pun without even trying… this is fun! The Miralax procedure was easier to stomach, though, had I chosen a different mixing agent. I will never drink Mango Peach Tea, again.  Basically, these preps are mentally draining. You are forced to sit around watching everyone else eat, drink, and enjoy life, while you are drinking some gross mixture that makes your colon cramp and expel everything you have ever eaten in your entire life that chose to remain.

I am not good at the not eating part. I have completed it before and am getting ready to go to bed early in order to successfully complete this prep; however, does your family really have to arrive on THIS day and eat PIZZA! I’m kidding, I actually ordered the tickets and suggested the pizza since I could not go out to Bonefish… but…. P I Z Z A!

Make sure you have clear liquids. When I did the first prep, I went overboard with the clear liquid purchases. I had Italian Ice, Ice Pops, jello, bouillon, juice, etc. I had one italian ice and bouillon. The prep makes you sick, people!  So, stick to your basics and do not be me.

Prepare your family/friends.  For my first prep, I had high hopes. I thought I could sit through a movie after leisurely drinking my mixture and enjoy the evening while taking occasional trips to the porcelain throne.  wrong.gif

I spent half the evening in the bathroom googling “How long does Miralax Last” like it was my job! So, if you have plans, please do your future self a favor and cancel those glorious plans now. Let your friends know that you are going to be suffering greatly that evening instead of whatever fun-filled activity was planned.


SUPREP comes in a split-dose manner. You drink one whole 6-ounce bottle with 10-ounces of COLD water, then drink two 16-ounce cups of water within the next hour. You wait the designated period prescribed by your physician (mine said between 8 PM – 10 PM) and then you repeat.

Well, let me tell you, by Round Two I was not having it and we came up with a way to make the drink slightly potable.  I placed six peppermint tic-tacs under my tongue while holding my nose and chugging as much of the mixture as possible.

This system, shockingly, worked. I drank the whole cup in under six minutes? The first cup took nearly twenty minutes to force down.  Now, I will admit, I thought I would throw it back up a few times, but I managed to keep it down.

Fair warning if you plan if you are actually doing the prep, Round Two does not take long to work.

This has not been an enjoyable experience but it is worth it if tomorrow’s procedure leaves me pain-free for even a moment, although I am really hoping it lasts a tad bit longer. 

If you have ever taken SUPREP or another bowel prep, I would love to hear your experience below… SHARE AWAY!

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  1. Thank you for your article. Did a prep for a colonoscopy last month and will be prepping again next week for excision surgery. No other way to put it – colon prep sucks! I found eating less the few days leading up to the prep helps. Less food in, less out! I hope you are finally feeling better!

    1. That’s great advice, I’ll have to remember that next time (hopefully will be a long, long time).

      Best of luck on your excision surgery! Are you going to an excision specialist or your OB/GYN? I had my first by my OB then this second one, ten years later was a specialist who does reproductive medicine.

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