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Excision Surgery: The Surgery and Recovery

Do. Not. Move. Seriously, do not attempt to move at all. Yesterday was the BIG day for me – my laparoscopic excision surgery was completed! And, as the internal numbing agent began to wear off towards midnight, I started to realize that my doctor’s warning “the second day is the worst” was dead-on accurate.  For now, though, let us go to the surgery day.

Day of the Surgery

Me in my no makeup Pre-Op glory! 

On Thursday, my mom, husband and I packed up the car with my pillow and blanket and started the two hour drive to the surgery center. Once we arrived, I checked in, paid the surgery center co-pay (these surgeries are NOT cheap!) and then gave a urine sample to ensure I did not become pregnant between 1/17 and 1/19.  I had not.

Then, the waiting started.

I was scheduled for 12:00 p.m. but was warned that the doctor had some egg retrievals that may bump my time, and sure enough at 11:10 when I should have been ready to get going, the cool ticker in the waiting room stated: “Dr. P running 1 hour behind.”  Regardless, the nurse came and said I could come back to the pre-op room and get ready. This part was probably the best part of the day!  I was able to listen to some of the funniest conversations, and laughed with the nurses when my pulse-ox monitor kept registering me as dead.

Unfortunately, I sat back in pre-op for almost 2.5 hours due to the delays and then, lunch breaks, before being taken back. Luckily, I had my husband and mom sitting with my for about 1/3 of the time, and due to having a crazy migraine from dehydration/hunger, the amazing anesthesiologist gave me fentanyl.

Around 2 P.M. I was greeted by my OR nurse and OR nurse anesthetist, and told that the bar was open and a syringe was injected. THAT WAS THE LAST THING I REMEMBER.

When I woke up, I was in a little bit of pain but could not remember anything except someone placing an oxygen mask on my face.  I heard a nurse asking me about my pain level and I just said – it hurts – and more of whatever they were serving was provided. To be honest, I do not recall if the pain was awful, but past history has taught me that it is always best to say you need more because it will eventually be worse. 

Soon they brought back the hubby and he told me that Dr. P said the surgery was successful. Two hernias were found, one on each side,  endometrial tissue on my bladder and uterus, and some other growths on both the left and right pelvic area; everything was removed.

recoveryThe Day After

Yesterday evening we went to eat on the way home from the surgery center and I was starting to have a little bit of pain, but it was manageable. Yet the worst started around midnight when I tried to get up to use the bathroom and could not get myself out of bed.  I felt like a bionic woman, though, with my compression leg wraps “massaging” my legs to prevent blood clots…but I could not lift myself out of bed.

With the help of my Oxycodone, I was able to make it through the night!

The morning was a struggle. I woke up early – right on time for my next medication dose. I was able to make it to the bathroom by myself, the bleeding was not as bad as the day before – the pain was another story, though. Thanks to my supportive, amazing, self-less husband, I was able to get dressed with his help and went out to join my mom, sister and niece. We watched t.v. most of the morning, including the inauguration  before we decided to get ready for a pizza night at my in-laws.

One amazing surprise was receiving an Edible Arrangement from my work family – it was delicious! I love my friends and am actually missing them enough to want to go back to work – crazy compliment, right! 

When it came time to shower to go over to the in-laws, I was in so much pain that I practically had to have my husband carry me to the bathroom. I feel proud to say that I was able to shower on my own, though, with him nearby to make sure I did not fall.

The rest of this day has gone on fairly well, it’s weird to feel fine but be in excruciating pain. Yet, everyone has been amazing with me and I know that this is healing pain. I am looking forward to each day having a little less pain.

What I’ve Learned

Though this journey, I have learned to appreciate my husband a lot more. I am not saying that I didn’t appreciate him before, but I did not stop to notice all the little things he did/does for me each day. Leading up to this surgery and through this recovery period (all one day of it, so far), I have seen how loving, attentive, caring, and self-less he is. He has been my strongest supporter, my voice when I am too weak to speak up, and my support when I needed carried. He has dealt with a lot, too. From my lack of energy to constant doctors visits to turning fun-filled date nights into staying at home watching movies.

God truly knew what He was doing when He paired us together. I do not deserve him at all, and am striving to make sure he feels appreciated more often. I am so hopeful that after this recovery period, I will be able to get us back to a fun-filled lifestyle and continue on enjoying our first year of marriage together.

Also, endometriosis is such an un-researched area. If 1 in 10 women are cursed with this disease, why is it not being researched? I know that there is some because that is why my doctor was aware of the hernia issues associated with chronic pain, but there should be much more research occurring.  I will be doing a post on the occult hernia that was discovered in me by Dr. P and the general surgeon and a little bit about that research area, because I think there are a lot of women who are suffering without relief since doctors are unaware of occult hernias occurrence in women with pelvic pain.

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  1. So glad you’re doing so well! I’m sure it’s a huge relief to have that all done! Don’t push yourself too fast in recovery; it took me three weeks after excision with Dr. S to be able to do much of anything and three months until I felt normal again. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! 💛🎗

    1. Thanks! No, but I’m watching it now during my recovery… My family came in from Ohio and we ended watching HGTV while I did my bowel prep (not fun). Everyone was in bed by 9 pm lol … We’re true party animals!

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