Chronic Illness & Endometriosis

Endometriosis Awareness Month: Upcoming Articles

endometriosis awareness month questionsMarch is endometriosis awareness month. You have probably seen some profiles on Facebook turn yellow, posts being shared with facts, and friends tweeting #fightlikeagirl. What does it mean though to have a whole month dedicated to your cause? I want to say it means a lot, I want to say that it means that people care, and I want to say that it means people will take this disease “seriously.” Nonetheless, I am confident that this is not completely true. If you click on The  Google you will be able to find a month dedicated to nearly every cause, fan-base, or idea that you could think.

The positive about this month is that it will open up communication about Endometriosis and other chronic illnesses or conditions that are associated with it. By increasing awareness, one girl may be diagnosed earlier than the current average time of diagnosis —  ten (10) years. Would you spread awareness about an illness if it meant you could save someone ten years of excruciating, mentally exhausting pain? Pain that if left untreated is almost certainly going to lead to infertility?  I know I would be hitting SHARE on that post if I could help even one life.

So please hang in with me as I create some ‘best of’ advice columns over the next couple of weeks for my fellow spoonies out there.

xx gentle hugs, Juliane

P.S I am going to do a Q&A post towards the end of March and would love for you to submit any questions you have about endometriosis*, chronic illness, migraines, home remedies, life in general etc.

*Keeping in mind I’m not a MD, just an experienced sufferer and I think we could have some fun with some Q&A.  



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  1. I totally agree, I have a similar love/hate relationship with endometriosis month. So many people will change their photo as you say but we know how easy it is to ignore these forever changing profile causes (flags, causes, awareness etc) and many may not then go on to do anything else for awareness or at any other time of the year. However as you say every share and every story and every little bit of awareness shared is still great for this cause. 9 years I waited for confirmation of my endo after knowing since I was 14 so something definitely needs to give. Its great to see so many bloggers/writers like yourself getting the worse out there for chronic illnesses.

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