murder cases
Murders & Other Fun Facts

No Judgment Zone: Murder is Coming!

murder cases
I have become obsessed with a new podcast (My Favorite Murder) that has finally given me the courage to start writing about an area I’ve always been interested in and was always afraid to write about because I thought you’d judge me – murder (and serial killers). Nonetheless, I’m learning that there are a lot of people out there that are fascinated by this area just as much as me, so please stick with me. Promise I’m not secretly plotting to go on any crazy rampages, I’m simply a forensic scientist by education, and handling theft cases is not satisfying my desire to get into the brains of messed up serial killers. 


cold case murder For the four people who read this blog on the regular, no worries, I will still be posting my usual Endometriosis and Chronic Illness-related posts – hi, Chastity! 

I’ll just be adding in a weekly post on mostly-unsolved murder cases while trying to add a Forensic Science or Legal Twist. I have a lot of murder cases that I am obsessed with that I want to discuss with you, yet I do not want to be a reiteration of “My Favorite Murder” so I want to make sure I am working diligently to give you unique forensic science facts and a legal prospective that those lovelies may not be able to do, although, I will likely not be able to be as ridiculously funny as they are – and, as hard as I try, probably will never be as funny as them. 

Why cannot I not be friends with Georgia and Karen? We could hang out and talk about murder and anxiety and I could talk about blood splatter and why sentencing guidelines aren’t as high as they say they should be… did I mention I do criminal defense (awful, I know, sorry! but I love it).

I totally put that in quotes in hopes that ONE DAY Karen or Georgia read it and say “Hey, let’s be friends.”  So, back to the change – I promise I’m not super crazy (I’m already on medication for the things that do make me crazy) I just find this area fascinating to dive into the mindset of serial killers, and my boss won’t let me visit real killers at the jail. Plus, exploring potential errors in the investigation process, the science behind the crime, the legal hurdles, and trying to see these warning signs in people around us – I swear, y’all, I think I am going to be kidnapped just about every day!  All of this helps us in the future – we cannot learn from our mistakes if we do not study them. 

I will separate it to it’s own page (“Murder & Other Fun Facts”), so if you do not want to read it, you do not have to! Hope you enjoy it, though. This is my love project and how I work through my pain each day, so with that. Enjoy. x gentle hugs


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