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Hurricane Irma: Weathering the Storm

As Hurricane Irma makes it way ever closer to Florida, my husband and I are at our in-laws making pizza. Don’t get me wrong, we are prepared. We have made several trips to Publix and Lowes, our tubs are filled, doors are sandbags, and we are ready for Irma! Yet, really, can one ever be ready?

irma empty shelvesThe scariest part is that the hurricane is expected to travel straight down the state, and yet, none of our neighbors have removed anything from their lawns, and windows are still bare. Are we the only ones concerned about Irma? I know we can’t be, the shelves were bare at Publix so people somewhere are worried, too.

As selfish as it is, the part I’m most concerned about is not being able to use my heating pad. Am I right, spoonies? My heating pad is my lifeline! As I sit here right now, I am drinking a double vodka cranberry just to mask my current pain level because I forgot my heating pad at home. No worries, I am going home in a couple hours to get it and my pup – we aren’t hunkering down just yet. 

Being a spoonie during Irma is slightly harder since I had to make sure my medicines were stocked, I have my heating pad, ginger gum stocked, and tummy-friendly foods. It would be nice to only have to stock vodka, pizza and ice cream, but now that I am trying to live a better lifestyle in order to reduce my pain through diet, it makes everything a little more challenging – not impossible, though. Would a spoonie disaster prep cheat sheet be helpful?

People get through these things, though. We have God protecting us and this storm is nothing more than a force of nature – nature is not stronger than God’s power.

Let’s discuss what there is to look forward to since we will be back stronger than ever!

Over the next few weeks, you will be seeing several guest posts and a lot more frequent postings, again. I am back to it! We will be attempting a post “schedule.” I do not know if the schedule will work, yet, but it is worth a shot. As always, I am open to your suggestions for post ideas.  One that I am super stoked to write is my review of four kratom samples from The Kratom Connection.

While hurricane prep has pushed back my anticipated release for everything, it is just making everything better. So, I hope you are all as excited as me.

Chronic pain may be chronically annoying, but you do not have to go through it alone.

We are in this together!


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