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Hurricane Approaches: Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log, Stardate 9.10.2017, Day 1 Hour 1

hurricane logWhen will the governor announce marshal law? A hurricane of this magnitude seems to necessitate it. Our leader has already attempted to commit a felony in the name of survival. Luckily, my first officer and I were able to persuade him out of it, for the time being. If this storm persists, though, there is no telling how long we can stop him.  The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away has become our leader’s motto of the day, especially when it comes to heavy machinery.


Captain’s Log, Stardate 9.10.2017, Day 1 Hour 5

The crew has already become restless as Irma inches closer at 10 excruciatingly slow miles per hour. At hour 2 our first system failure was exposed when my first officer – DH – heard water dripping on leather (how the heck he knew what that sounds like, I shall not question). Quickly we entered the theater room which had been designated as our safety room and found a lovely waterfall trickling down the center of the ceiling onto the leather couch. Within a moment, we sprung into action! The couches were ripped apart, flashlights were located, a ladder was retrieved and soon the ceiling panel was removed to expose the, now, gushing leak from the roof.

The outer bands of Irma’s reach are still at least five hours from our location, and yet, our roof has already sprung a leak! Thankfully, God has blessed our crew with an amazing leader who prepared for Irma as if it was the Second Coming, and we have plastic wrap, buckets, flex seal, and anything you could name to fix everything. While the source of the leak was located on the roof, it will not be able to be fixed until after Irma passes over us, so my crew men fixed it to the best of their abilities – quite well, actually.

Only time will tell how long our crew will last in these conditions.

It appears that alcohol consumption has begun, though, so hope is increasing exponentially.


Hurricane Irma Approaches Orlando

Irma is projected to strike Orlando this evening. She has already left a path of destruction in her wake, and despite her weakened state, we are still concerned about the wind and flooding that she is bringing in her wake.

As I sit here, though, my heart is breaking for every person who is not prepared or did not heed advice to seek shelter. Why do natural disasters seem to affect those who have the least the most? The homeless are hopefully in shelters, and homes may be rebuilt. Nonetheless, it breaks my heart thinking that the homes I see destroyed on the news are of the less fortunate – those living in mobile homes, in poorly built double wides or homes without a safe place to seek shelter. I am praying God’s protection over each and every person over the next few days. This is just the beginning.

Our blessings are abundant

Were I not blessed to have in-laws nearby, to have been given the opportunity two years ago to move back to Orlando, I would have been in the heart of this hurricane. I would have been alone. Now, though, I know that I am never alone. I have God’s protection, and He knew about this hurricane before she formed, before I left Fort Lauderdale two years ago, before I married into this spectacularly generous family. A hurricane will not tear us down.

When my husband, brother-in-law and I went to check on our homes at hour 3, we saw teenagers in bathing suits playing “Slip-N-Slide” on the golf course, two women on a stroll in the torrential downpour, and countless homes left completely unprotected from Irma’s wrath. Why are people not taking this seriously?  This is a hurricane, people! I may not be scared of Irma, because I know that God’s protection is over us, but I am not going to sit back and expect Him to do all the work. God does not let you win the lottery, if you don’t buy a ticket!

To my family and friends – we are doing well. We are prepared. We are waiting. Irma, we are ready.

You can surely anticipate more posts throughout the coming hours. There’s not much else to do as the doors are all sandbagged closed.


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