One L of  A Journey is written by a newly married, Christian wife who has a chronic pain disease called, endometriosis. She started this blog after being axed from a first year- associate position to chronicle her journey through the legal field, wedding planning, and dog parenting. Yet, soon after getting married in September 2016, she started experiencing signed that her endometriosis had returned in full-force. She has been experiencing severe chronic pain since November 2016 and hopes to bring awareness to endometriosis, chronic pain and mental health issues and how these diseases impact marriage, careers, and life in general.

While millions of women suffer from endometriosis, very little is known about this disease. Currently the only definitive way to diagnose this disease is through a minimally invasive surgery called laparoscopy.

If you know someone who is experiencing any signs or symptoms of endometriosis, it is very important for them to seek a REAL endometriosis specialist and to check out Nancy’s Nook – an online educational group that has been an amazing resource.

Please comment, share, and spread the word so that together we can help educate others about the true impact endometriosis has on the lives of millions of women across the world each day!


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