Chronic Illness & Endometriosis Health

Living a Chronic Life

Chronic pain is a fickle thing. It is not always the pain that keeps you down. Sometimes the pain is manageable and it is the fatigue or brain fog that makes the day difficult to power through. You learn how to manage because you have to do it.

Career Health

Passion: How do You Find Yours?

Life has been hectic as of late. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want out of life and whether I actually know my true passion. It’s a tough question to ask yourself. But it really hit home when FH and I started talking about what would happen when we have children and the […]

Career Health

Backfired Plans.

Have you ever apologized for something only because you expected the other person to say you didn’t need to apologize? Yeah, it backfired on me. I’ve been struggling a lot lately at work. My health has been a rollercoaster since my car accident in October, my mood has been unpredictable due to the pain I […]

Career Health

New Years Revelation

I’ve been thinking a lot about 2015. A lot of things have happened, good and bad; it will certainly be a year to remember. I left an unsatisfying job that was killing me slowly in civil litigation for my new career as an assistant public defender, moved into our first home, got Toby back to […]

Career Health

Speak truth to Power.

Finally having a boss who is a true leader who cares about his employees is an amazing thing. There is a difference between leader and manager/boss. Over the last few months, I’ve come to truly learn the importance of loving who you work for and the work you do instead of just the salary you […]