Unexpected Turns: Ambition, Depression, and Finding Satisfaction

The world is a mystical place. It is full of unexpected adventures and misfortunes that one would never expect at the beginning of her journey.  At the start of mine, I was young, naive and easily manipulated by anyone who showed any potential to take me away from my small isolated bubble of an existence. […]

Kratom Endometriosis No more opioid
Chronic Illness & Endometriosis

A New Solution for Endometriosis: Exploring the Use of Kratom for Pain Relief

History of Kratom Coming from Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and New Guinae, Kratom is a tart-tasting leaf hailed for its pain-relieving effect. The kratom leaf may be utilized as either a stimulant or a sedative based on the dosage consumed.  Kratom has been used for many centuries in other countries to taper opiate addiction, boost productivity, and […]