Chronic Illness & Endometriosis

Depression and Endometriosis: When Chronic Pain Leads to Depression

Being a part of the endometriosis community, you hear a lot of stories of women receiving unpleasant diagnoses. Several have discussed depression and mental health concerns, but no one really digs in deep because it’s such a taboo subject. I’ve read plenty of stories of newly diagnosed women, added my “I’m so sorry to hear” […]

Chronic Illness & Endometriosis Health

Hope on the Horizon

This morning I did not want to go to work, again. The last two days I have started to experience an odd, light-headed feeling throughout the day similar to being dizzy. Nothing has changed in my medicine or diet to explain why my head feels off. There is no explanation right now. Add all of this on top of my ordinary pelvic pain and you have the perfect storm of one unmotivated employee.

Chronic Illness & Endometriosis Health

Endometriosis: The Benign Condition

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that typically causes severe pain and fertility issues, although 25% of women affected have no symptoms.
Additionally, nearly half of the women affected with endometriosis have fertility issues. Id. How is this a condition that is “not harmful in effect”? Just because it is not cancerous? To me, the fact that the endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus, where it is supposed to grow, has the ability to produce its own estrogen, and can bind organs to each other causing severe damage and pain – is that not harmful?